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Movement Therapists are passionate about exploring the full potential of Human Movement. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy pain-free movement, no matter what their age or background.

We believe that treating Movement Dysfunction is more than just treating the area in pain. 

We believe that we need to treat our clients and patients Holistically, as the sum of all their parts, not as a collection of individual pieces that can be worked on separately like a machine. 

We believe that everybody, and every body is unique.

We believe that all roads lead to the brain, and that to be truly effective as a Movement Therapist we must have  a set of skills that allows us to work directly with the brain and nervous system.  

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Fundamentals of Corrective Exercise


AMN Corrective Exercise Specialist


Applied Movement Neurology Practitioner – Level 1


Applied Movement Neurology Practitioner – Level 2


Level 2 Electives: Brainstem, EMS, Neuromechanics & Sleep


Applied Movement Neurology Practitioner – Level 3


Level 3 Electives: Fascia, Inflammation & TBI


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David Fleming,

Co-Founder & Director of Education


Our Mission...

Our goal is to empower 10,000 Health & Wellness Professionals around the globe with the AMN techniques by 2025.

We started this company because we realized there was a limit to how many people we could help as individual therapists. 

But together, as a community of professionals aligned by the same mission and values, the amount of people whose lives we can impact increases exponentially. 

If you’re passionate about movement, helping others and having a positive impact in your community then you’re our kind of person and we’d love for you to join the AMN Movement. 

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